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  • Why Our Emotions Are The Key To Pronounced And Lasting Change.

    Things were not always going well for me. I was always emotionally stuck,full of anxiety and riddled with physical ailments, not to mention broke and never able to achieve the abundance of love & money ‘I knew I deserved’.I was constantly in my head, because I constantly tried to escape

  • The Relationship With Yourself – Self Hate OR Self Love

    Your relationship with yourself is your primary relationship. Regardless whether you are alone or a mother with children, a devoted lover with a husband or wife or equivalent… or simply a loyal employee, basically whatever duo you are a part of, the relationship you have with yourself is the most

  • Anxiety – An Indicator Of Un-Surfaced Depression

    Q. What is Anxiety from an ‘ Emotional Intelligence’ viewpoint?  A. Anxiety is the equivalent of the surface presenting symptom of varying degrees of old emotional pain just below the level of conscious awareness. This emotional pain is close to coming out and because painful emotions are deemed as ‘bad/dangerous/no- go-zones’