• What is MSHR?

Mandalong Sanctuary Health Retreat (MSHR) is a 90 acre acreage, in a small country area called Mandalong, near Morisset – a 50 min drive north of Wahroonga, on the freeway. MSHR was specially sort out by Jaan and Gina to run various health retreats from.

  • What happens at MSHR?

MSHR provides various natural medicine therapies and offers retreats throughout the year. Please visit the list of services on the home page.

  • How long are the courses and retreats?

The short courses may vary from 1-3 days to 7 days. Some people also enroll themselves in the 1 year or 2/3 year course.

  • How much are the courses?

This depends on the course length and various early bird prices. Please email us for this information.

  • Can I come for a few hours or a day escape?

Yes people are also invited to have private consults at the retreat and to enjoy the peace filled surrounds.

  • How far from Sydney or Newcastle?

From Sydney CBD it is approx. 115km (1.5 hour drive) and from New Castle it’s approx. 30 minutes.

  • Can I stay over with a 1 day escape?

Yes we do offer accommodation options with all retreats.

  • What therapies are on offer?

We offer a varied list of natural medicine therapies, including naturopathy, homoeopathy, massage, reflexology, yoga, breathwork. Please visit the full list of services on the homepage.

  • What else can I do at MSHR?

We always encourage our guests to relax, visit the sauna, go for walks and enjoy the bell birds singing throughout the valley. Learn about you are in a quiet surrounds, away from the busy city life of family and work. Mobile phones do not work well at the retreat, so you will be able to fully relax and unwind.

  • Is food included? What sort of food is it?

Food is included in most of the retreats and we offer yogi style vegetarian and macrobiotic food. We aim to grow most of the food in our veggie patch. Juice fasting is also another option on some retreats.

  • Do you supply linen and towels?

For most of the retreats we supply linen and towels, please check which retreat you are on.

  • Can I bring my children and animals?

We would need to discuss this on an individual level, when the enquiry arises. Gina does treat animals and children.

  • What should I expect to be doing on the retreats and courses?

The courses are a combination of enjoying the nature, par- taking in yoga and bush walking, consuming good natural foods, experiencing various self-healing modalities through Jaan and Gina’s experienced work of running physical, mental and emotional release retreats.

  • Is this a religious retreat?

No. We do bring in some yogi traditional philosophies into some of the yoga classes.