GinaGina Burn-Jerabek has been in private clinical Homoeopathic and Naturopathic practice for over 15 years. She was offered her practice by well known Homoeopathic teacher Alan Jones and clinic partner Dr Austin White. Both of these men were leaders in their field of Homoeopathy and Natural Medicine.

As well as holding a degree in Health Science, Gina also brought to this established clinic skills including Naturopathy, Nutrition, Remedial Massage, Bowen Therapy, Reflexology, Reiki, Yoga and Children and Animal health. Gina is currently available for consultations in Chatswood and Mandalong.

Being a keen animal lover and equine enthusiast, Gina owns 2 wonderful horses Klondyke and Sol and uses Natural Horsemanship techniques to gain a deeper understanding into the equine mind for training and building a deeper partnership with her horses. She is also completely devoted to her Labrador dog Yogi-Bear, who is always teaching and reminding her of the joys of the simple life.

While Gina and Jaan have been successfully holding Breathwork and Yoga retreats for over 15 years, they have always dreamt of buying their own plot of land that enables them to facilitate their Wellbeing Retreats, as well as being able to see their horses outside their kitchen window! Luckily this dream became a reality in Jan 2014 and Mandalong Sanctuary Health Retreat was born.

Gina is a keen Yoga/Asana student & Teacher and truly believes that by practicing Yoga daily, both the physical and emotional bodies can be kept strong for the work/leisure balance of today’s fast paced life. Gina teaches Power/Vinyassa Yoga, Yin yoga and Kundalini Yoga and has studied Yoga in Sydney and Bali.

Through the blend of natural medicine, Yoga and a deep connection to nature, you will receive a well rounded and grounded experience with Gina’s consultations, Yoga classes, retreats and equine experiences.