Jaan-Jerabek-.jpgI warmly welcome you to find out about the style of Breathwork I teach in my trainings here in Sydney, Australia. It is ‘ Rebirthing Style’ Breathwork – necessary to temporarily dissolve the barrier between conscious & unconscious, but, it is combined with the most effective and up-to-date psychotherapy approaches. It is this combination that takes Breathwork out of the realms of ‘Rebirthing’ – which can be very ‘hit & miss’ when it comes to trauma healing, and brings it more into the ‘evolved & grown up’ version of Breathwork I would call ‘Advanced Breathwork Therapy’ or simply ‘Cathartic Breathwork’.

I am an authority on the emotional process and have been facilitating people professionally for Breathwork Therapy through workshops and individual treatments since I was 20. I have literally facilitated thousands of Cathartic Breathwork sessions and hundreds of group and residential programmes in my 19 year career. I know I can help you with almost ANY life issue you are facing relatively quickly and efficiently. You will not be disappointed. If you are ready to start to move towards the state and life you are really wanting to live.