massageThis relaxing kneading of muscles and joints of the body helps to relieve various connective tissue tension, pains and stress. Mandalong Sanctuary Health Retreat has a sauna and we suggest to heat the muscles first before a massage to achieve a deeper relaxation through the muscles. Gina is available at Mandalong and Sydney for consultations.

“Gina is a totally first class massage therapist, with extensive knowledge, skill and experience. She is also a Bowen practitioner and integrates this alternative type of bodywork into her work with me.  During my massage, I am able to check out other concerns and I find her advice and perspective professional, extensive and informative.”

Lyndall Parris, Cammeray

Probably one of the most welcome outcomes of Gina’s Therapy comes as a result of her work on my head.

Prior to meeting Gina, at approx 2pm EVERY DAY I would feel severe tightening and pain around the large scar on my forehead, and also whenever I looked up suddenly, I suffered severe vertigo.  Eg If I looked up and focused on a high shelf at a supermarket, I would often black out and drop to the ground.

Thanks to Gina, I presently suffer from none of the above whatsoever!

 Robbie Anne Smallhorn, North Shore, Sydney.

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